Mike Kingsborough — 2016: Year in Review

I'm a multidisciplinary Designer from Toronto. Currently, Senior Art Director at Huge — a global agency. I shape and redefine physical and digital experiences by pursuing the innovation of brand, user experience, and interface design.

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Currently, I’m designing an app for Nike which will connect millions of customers together in a social and collaborative space.

Role: Senior Art Director
Agency: Huge


Prior to Nike, I helped lead and create a company-wide design system that accelerates the speed to market of Telus’s digital products.

Role: Senior Art Director
Agency: Huge


Earlier in the year, I created a logo and web experience for icpm, a global research-based network. 

Role: Designer
Client: Performance Labs


And last year, I helped build and manage the design practice of Coupgon, a start-up who was acquired by Yellow Pages.

Role: Design Director

I've spent the last 10 years working with startups, agencies, and independent business owners in management and design roles to help grow and evolve their experiences, products, and practices.


Kolody — 2006

I started my career as a designer for Kolody — a Toronto-based digital agency, focused on creating accountable, immersive, and award-winning campaigns and experiences.

Art Director

Velocidi 2013

I lived and worked in San Fransisco for Velocidi — a New York-based marketing agency that uses big-data to drive beautiful, economical, and effective digital campaigns.

Design Director

Coupgon  2015

I created and led the design practice for Coupgon — Canada's first digital grocery coupon solution. Coupgon is offered in more than 1,000 retail stores and has a daily growing user base.

Senior Art Director

Huge  Current

I joined Huge's youngest office as Senior Art Director. 
Huge is a full-service digital agency headquartered in Brooklyn with offices worldwide.